CINCINNATI – In a heartwarming celebration of unsung heroes, Cintas Corporation (Nasdaq: CTAS) has revealed the top 10 finalists for its prestigious Custodian of the Year Contest. These dedicated custodians have gone above and beyond, not only maintaining cleanliness but also creating safe and welcoming environments for students across the United States.

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Recognizing Excellence

Every year, Cintas receives thousands of heartfelt nominations, each accompanied by inspiring stories of custodians who make a difference. This year’s finalists have demonstrated exceptional commitment to their schools and communities. Their hard work, resilience, and positive impact have earned them a well-deserved spot among the top contenders.

The Contest Details

  • Public Voting: From now until April 12, the public can cast their votes for their favorite custodian at The custodian with the highest number of public votes will be crowned the winner.
  • Prizes: The winning custodian will receive a grand prize of $10,000, along with $5,000 worth of Cintas and Rubbermaid Commercial products and services for their school. Additionally, the winning school will undergo a comprehensive facility assessment valued at $20,000.
  • Recognition: The top three finalists will enjoy an all-expense-paid trip for two to the ISSA Show North America in Las Vegas this November. There, they will be celebrated for their outstanding contributions.

Meet the Finalists

Let’s get acquainted with the remarkable individuals who have made it to the final round:

Cintas Unveils Top 10 Finalists in Custodian of the Year Contest
  1. Davida BoydHelena Park Elementary School (Nederland, Texas)
    • Davida’s unwavering dedication has transformed her school’s environment. Her commitment extends beyond cleanliness, as she actively fosters a sense of community and care.
  2. Bob GalewskiWabasha-Kellogg High School (Wabasha, Minn.)
    • Bob’s tireless efforts ensure that students and staff thrive in a clean and organized setting. His positive attitude and attention to detail set him apart.
  3. Salvatore “Mr. Sal” GanoEvergreen Elementary School (Scotch Plains, N.J.)
    • Mr. Sal’s infectious enthusiasm brightens the hallways. His commitment to safety and well-being makes him a beloved figure in the school community.
  4. Steve GasakDessie F. Evans Elementary (Puyallup, Wash.)
    • Steve’s passion for creating a nurturing environment shines through. His kindness and dedication resonate with everyone he encounters.
  5. William “Mr. Billy” KrajewskiQuaker Hill Elementary School (Waterford, Conn.)
    • Mr. Billy’s meticulous work ensures that students can focus on learning. His positive attitude uplifts the entire school.
  6. Rudy “Coach Rudy” OntiverosVineyard Junior High School (Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.)
    • Coach Rudy’s commitment to student success goes beyond cleaning. He inspires students to reach their full potential.
  7. Joemar QuirosFrederick Harris Elementary School (Springfield, Mass.)
    • Joemar’s dedication to maintaining a safe and hygienic environment is unwavering. His impact extends far beyond the classroom.
  8. David SmithLoveland Intermediate School (Loveland, Ohio)
    • David’s attention to detail ensures that students and staff feel comfortable and cared for. His work contributes to a positive learning atmosphere.
  9. Drusilla StinsonAuburn University (Auburn, Ala.)
    • Drusilla’s commitment to sustainability and cleanliness sets an example for the entire campus. Her efforts resonate with students and faculty alike.
  10. Hilda “Ms. Hilda” ValentinMilwaukee Math and Science Academy (Milwaukee, WI)
    • Ms. Hilda’s warm smile and tireless work ethic create a welcoming environment. She embodies the spirit of custodial excellence.

Making a Difference

As John Barrett, Executive Director of ISSA, aptly puts it, “It’s important to recognize all that custodians do to create a safe and welcoming learning environment.” These finalists exemplify that sentiment, and their impact extends far beyond the broom and mop.

So, let’s celebrate these custodians who quietly shape the lives of students, ensuring that schools remain not just clean, but also places of inspiration and growth. Cast your vote and honor these everyday heroes who make a

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