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The Cintas Partner Connect online portal serves as the central platform empowering over a million business customers to optimize the management of partnerships themselves. Capabilities span handling product orders, tracking usage analytics, updating company information, enabling account alerts and more through secure self-service access.

Cintas Partner Connect

However, users may occasionally encounter login issues, password resets or functionality questions – especially when getting started. In such cases getting prompt troubleshooting support is key to maximizing ROI from Cintas offerings.

This guide covers all the available self-help resources and step-by-step instructions for contacting Cintas Partner Connect customer support via phone, email or live chat options.

Self-help Resources

If faced with common queries, partners can first access the following self-service help content without being required to contact Cintas teams directly:

  • Login Page Troubleshooting Tips – The Partner Connect login webpage houses useful help articles covering steps to resolve login errors, reset forgotten passwords, error code fixes and more.
  • FAQ Database – From the Partner Connect dashboard, expansive searchable databases provide how-to guides and troubleshooting steps for using various product ordering, inventory management and account administration functions.
  • Setup Wizards – Easy-to-follow setup wizard tutorials available through section walkthrough getting started with core platform capabilities like ordering, reporting, payments, etc.
Cintas Partner Connect Guide

However, for questions needing individualized support or complex troubleshooting, getting in touch with Cintas customer service teams offers a reliable option.

Contact Cintas Partner Connect Support

To get personalized assistance with resolving Partner Connect access issues or usage questions, the below are the best contact channels:

Phone Support
The fastest way to get support is through regional Cintas hotline contacts available during business hours.

  • United States: 866-256-6559
  • Outside the US: 1-847-883-0477

After dialing in, follow the IVR options to connect with Partner Connect specialists. Have your account/ order details handy before calling.

Email Assistance

For inquiries needing detailed responses, partners can write to:

The support team aims to respond to most queries within the same business day with follow-ups as necessary.

Live Chat

Initiate one-on-one online chat support directly through:

  • website (see bottom right chat pop-up)
  • Partner Connect portal website
Cintas Partner Connect Official Employee Login Portal

Specialists instantly assist with website, order and account questions during business hours through personalized chat conversations once initiated.

We hope Cintas partners find these self-help materials and dedicated contact channels useful for all Partner Connect access or usage-related questions! Let us know if you need any other assistance.

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