Cintas Partner Connect

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about registering, accessing, and using the Cintas Partner Connect online portal:

Cintas Partner Connect
What is Cintas Partner Connect?

Cintas Partner Connect is an online account management portal exclusive to Cintas customers. It allows designated employee contacts at partner businesses to directly handle important functions like submitting service requests, tracking orders, managing inventory, accessing billing information, and more through a convenient self-service platform.

Who can access the Partner Connect portal?

Only active Cintas customers can gain access to Partner Connect. Specific users at your organization must be authorized by requesting access individually. Approval usually takes less than 24 hours after requesting access through the My Account section on

I can’t login to Partner Connect – what should I do?

Some common login issues include using the wrong username or password, unsupported browser versions, or unstable internet connections. Reset your password or contact Cintas support if issues persist.

Do I need to register separately for Partner Connect if we already have a Cintas account?

Yes, you need to explicitly request Partner Connect usage rights even with an existing Cintas account. Nominated employees at your company must get approvals individually to gain portal access.

Can I order Cintas products or services without using Partner Connect?

You can place initial orders without Partner Connect by contacting your Cintas sales representative. However, Partner Connect provides the easiest way to manage ongoing orders, inventory details, account administration needs and more through its self-service portal.

What details can I update directly through the portal?

Through the Account Management section, you can update company billing information, list authorized users, change business hours or service locations and more. For extensive changes, coordinate with your Cintas service representative.

Who should I contact for help with using Partner Connect?

You have self-help FAQs, how-to articles, and training videos accessible from the portal. For individual queries, call or email Cintas Partner Connect support using the contact information provided on login page.

What details are needed to contact Cintas support about Partner Connect issues?

Have information like your Cintas Account Number, Service Location Zip Code, and your registered Partner Connect username ready. This helps serve you faster when reaching out to Cintas support via phone, email or live chat options available.

I hope these frequently asked questions help explain key details about accessing and leveraging the Cintas Partner Connect self-service online portal. Please reach out to Partner Connect support if you have any other questions.

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